Activity Structure Personnel History

   Institute of Animal Science (IAS) is the main animal production institutions of biomedical sciences in Lithuania, where long-term scientific studies are conducted on inprovement of animal breeds, selection and breeding methods, conservation of the genetics resources of old native breeds and problems of animal nutrition, ecology and food safety, feeding and feed manufacture. Special atention is paid to theresearch related to the quality improwement of milk and meat and environmental pollutions problems.

   IAS LVA was founded on 1st October 1952 by the decision of Presidium of the Lithuanian Acadamy of Sciences. In 1992, by the order of the Government of the Respublic of Lithuania, the Institute was granted  the status of state scientific institution. The Institute comprises the Departments of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Reproduction, Animal Nutrition an Feedstuffs, Animal Hygiene and Ecology, Poultry Breeding, Farm Management and Analytical Laboratory.

   In the periodo f 50 years, 169 researchers have prepared and defended their doctoral thesis and 13 thesis for habilitation. The IAS LVA has a staff totaling 87 persons, 29 of which are scientific staff including 3 habil.Doctors ( Professor) and 24 doctors. Director of the Institute – bDR. Violeta Juskiene. Two scientists of the Institute were elected members of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. The scientists have prepared and published 45 volumes of scientific articles under the title „Gyvulininkystė“(Animal Husbandry)., 33 monographs, textbooks and pther books, registered 19 invention patents and have been awarded 4 state premiums of the Respublic of Lithuania. The scientists of the Institute have been recognized as the creators of the three lines of Lithuanian Black-and-White cattle, the Lithuanian White pig breed and one of its lines.
   The Institute works in close co-operation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania, various animal breeding services, enterprises of food and food additive manufacturing, milk and meat processing industry. The Institute has established close relations with the Lithuanian academy of Sciences, agricultural higher shools and scientific institutions, Agricultural Advisory Service, House of Agriculture and various farmer‘s associations. The Institute takes participation in various international programmes, makes reports in international scientific conferences and publishes its research findings in various scientifics publications of Lithuania and other countries. The research findings are used for preparing stateagricultural, animal breeding, milk and meat production programmes, standards for feedstuffs, milk and meat in compliance with requirements of the European Union.