"Animal Husbandry" Editorial Board Instructions

 "Animal Husbandry", 2005 Vol. 46

Introduction of linear classifications for comparison of different genotype horses
Effect of frozen semen thawing temperatures on stallion spermatozoa motility
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Efficiency of crossing Lithuanian white pigs with large white boars
Crossing of Lithuanian indigenous pigs with large white boars
The influence of Lithuanian local coarsewooled sheep fertility on the production and chemical composition of milk
Forage quality and productivity of white clover varieties
Efficiency of partial replacement of milk protein with yeast protein in the diets of calves
Growth and carcass traits of fattening bulls offered trench or big bale silages
Effects of the multienzyme composition on the growth and nutrient digestibility of pigs fed diets with increased levels of triticale
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Influence some raising technologies on geese ontogeny
Janušonis S., Juodka R., ,