"Animal Husbandry" Editorial Board Instructions

 "Animal Husbandry", 2006 Vol. 47

Animal husbandry in South-Eastern Lithuania in the 13th-14th centuries
Vitkūnas M.
Effect of halothane genotype on growth performance, carcass, meat and fat characteristics from three-way cross of lithuanian indigenous wattle pigs
, , Jokubka R.
Studies of different ambient temperature effects and toxicity of cryoprotection agents on viability of bovine oocytes
, , , ,
The effect of sugarbeet pulp silage on nutrient fermentation in the rumen of cows and their milk production
Tarvydas V., ,
Effect of feeding inoculated with selected strains of lactic and propionic acid bacteria silage on rumen fermentation and health of lactating dairy cows
, Vrotniakienė V.
Development and efficiency evaluation of whole milk replacer containing whey and probiotics
Bendikas P., ,
The influence of local feeds on meat quality of pigs
Influence of probiotic feed additive on quantitative changes of blood proteins in chicken
Sirvydis V., Čepulienė R., Bobinienė R., Semaška V., Gudavičiūtė D., Vencius D.
Pasture sward improving methods and their influence on pasture sward productivity
Butkuvienė E.