"Animal Husbandry" Editorial Board Instructions


Three-way crossing of pigs by using duroc as the intermediate breed.

Razmaitė V.


The use of sheep breeds in Lithuania.

Zapasnikienė B.


Growth of Lithuanian native coarsewooled male lambs under different housing and feeding conditions.

Zapasnikienė B.


The connection between egg quality and hatchability of Lithuanian Vištinės geese.

Janušonis S., Razmaitė V.


The method for determination of optimum semen freezing regimes.

Pileckas V., Nainienė R., Kutra J., Ðiukščius A., Urbšys A.


Semen extender for cryopreservation of bull semen according to the Lithuanian technique.

Pileckas V.


The effect of long-term synthetic gonadotrophin releasing hormone on reproductive performance of gilts.

Ðiukščius A., Kutra J., Pileckas V., Nainienė R., Urbšys A.


Investigation of cow oocyte maturation and embryo development depending on follicle size.

Nainienė R., Urbšys A., Pileckas V., Ðiukščius A., Kutra J.


Effect of different amounts of milk protein on calf growth and economic efficiency.

Jonaitis L., Bendikas P.


Investigation of amaranth cultivation for food and forage technological parameters in Lithuania.

Svirskis A.


The disinfecting efficiency of neutral anolyte ANK, produced in Stel type equipment, in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.

Vaičionis G.


Changes of selection of Lithuanian white pigs.

Klimas R., Klimienė A.,  Rimkevičius S., Muzikevičius A.