"Animal Husbandry" Editorial Board Instructions

 "Animal Husbandry", 2004 Vol. 45

Two-way (Lithuanian indigenous x Danish landrace) and three-way (Lithuanian indigenous x Swedish Yorkshire x Norwegian landrace) crossing of pigs.
Genetic structure and variation between the lines of heavy-type žemaitukai horses.
, Jatkauskienė V.
Studies of the genetic distance and genetic identity of domestic gallinaceous species.
Juodka R., Butkauskas D., Sruoga A., Tubelytė–Kirdienė V., Mozalienė E., Paulauskas A.
Bovine oocyte viability under modified maturation conditions and freezing by vitrification.
, , , Pileckas V.,
Fermentation of nitrogenous matter and carbohydrates in the rumen of cattle fed sugarbeet pulp silage.
, Bendikas P., Tarvydas V.,
Use of probiotics Yeasture and Bio Plus 2B in the feed for chicken broilers.
Kepalienė I., Gudavičiūtė D., Sabalionytė R., Vencius D., Tėvelis V.
Occurrence of toxic mould fungi and mycotoxins in the grain of maize grown for forage.
Mankevičienė A., Auškalnienė O.
Comparison of production and milk quality traits of Lithuanian native ash-grey and white-backed cattle.
Efficacy of post milking teat antiseptics.
Matuolienė J.,