"Animal Husbandry" Editorial Board Instructions

 "Animal Husbandry", 2008 Vol. 51

Strategic measures for breeding programme of Estonian Holstein
Saveli O., Voore M., Kalda L., Liiv M.
Effect of different breeding components on milk production and longevity of Estonian red breed
T. Põlluäär T., Orgmets E.
Comparison of milk protein composition in cow breeds raised in Latvia
Jemeljanovs A., Sterna V., Strautmanis D., Osmane B., Jonkus D., Lujane B.
Genetic evaluation for female fertility in Estonia
Uba M.
Factors affecting carcass quality evaluated with Ultrafom 300
Tänavots A., Põldvere A.
Prolificacy and longevity of sows from different genotypes in open population of Lithuanian White pigs
Razmaitė V., Rakštys V., Kerzienė S.
Analysis of the exclusive traits of Lithuanian local coarsewooled sheep
Zapasnikienė B., Nainienė, R.
Genetic diversity of domestic birds bred in Lithuania
Tubelytė V., Paulauskas A., Sruoga A., Baublys V., Butkauskas D., Juodka R., Janušonis S. , Mozalienė E.
Carcass traits and meat quality of three goose breeds
Juodka R., Janušonis S. , Benediktavičiūtė–Kiškienė A.
Genetic characterization of Sarcocystis species from European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) based on SSU rRNA gene partial sequences
Prakas P., Butkauskas D., Aniolas Sruoga A., Kutkiene L.
Analysis of ammonia nitrogen, emission dust and microbiological air pollution in duck houses
Ribikauskas V., Skurdenienė I., Benediktavičiūtė-Kiškienė A., Vaičionis G.