"Animal Husbandry" Editorial Board Instructions

 "Animal Husbandry", 2008 Vol. 52

Breeding structure experience in Europe and challenges for Baltic states
Wim M.G. Wismans
The problematics of nitrogen and phosphorus leaching while developing the ecological mixed farming
Bučienė A.
Investigation of phenotypic between productive life and exterior of cows
Lavrinovič J., Juozaitienė V. Kutra J., Japertienė R., Kanapeckas A.
The effects of diluent composition on the qualitative indicators of bovine
Pileckas V.
Effects of a bacterial mix inoculant on grass-legume silage fermentation and nutrition value for the dairy cows
Jatkauskas J., Vrotniakienė V., Urbšienė D.
Bull weight gains, carcass and meat quality when fed diets containing rapeseed cake or oil-meal
Bendikas P., Uchockis V., Tarvydas V., Ðvirmickas G.
Effects of the different multienzyme composition amount on the growth and nutrient digestibility of pigs fed diets with increased levels of triticale
Leikus R., Norvilienė J., Juškienė V.
Antibacterial activity of essential oils
Mickienė R., Springorum A., Bakutis B., Hartung J.